Restoration & Repair
Do you have a Coloratura coat or jacket that is ready for some restoration? Need a new lining, cuffs, or snaps?
  Restoration & Repair

Coloratura coats are made to last a long time. We make each garment one at a time with great attention to detail. When we first began making outerwear we never imagined that many of our customers would become so attached to their coats and wear them year after year, some for over 15 years, almost every day during the season. But even the best garments will eventually show signs of wear or damage.

If your coat needs some restoration or repair send it via UPS or US Mail. Please note that there are two addresses depending on how you choose to ship. Enclose a note with your name, address, phone number and the work you would like to have done. You may use safety pins to indicate specific areas which need attention. We will carefully examine your coat and call you if it requires any other work. The most common repairs are cuffs and linings. We will match colors as closely as possible or recommend a substitute color/fabric if we no longer have the original. If necessary, we like to have the garment cleaned before we begin work. The best time to send your coat is in the spring when you are finished wearing it and our production slows down. During other times of the year please allow 4-6 weeks for the work to be completed. Call or email for approximate delivery times.

Repair labor is $65.00/hour. A coat lining takes approximately 90 minutes. Contact us for other prices.