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Wear COLORATURA and be an Instant Celebrity
A college student was used to getting a lot of attention whenever she wore her Coloratura jacket. One afternoon there seemed to be more stares and smiles then usual as she hurried across campus to a class. She discovered why when she got inside and removed her jacket. A bra had gotten attached to the curly mohair on the back.

Hello, Alan and everyone at Coloratura ~
On New Year's Eve 2004, my son and I saw The Lion King at the Opera House in Boston. When it was over and we stepped into the lobby, a woman behind me said, “I love your coat!" Turns out she was wearing the same one.... too funny.... Jason used her camera to take our picture together. I thought you'd like to see it.....she has worn hers for the last 10 years and has never seen one like it. And neither have I, until now..... :-)

All the best to you,
Gina A.

Dear Alan ~
Thanks for the other coat story. For some reason, it seems your clothing was meant to create miracles. The way that I came by my Coloratura coat is a miracle in itself. I have hesitated telling you this story before because I didn't want to hurt your feelings because of where I bought it.

I had never heard of your company or gorgeous clothing before. Three years ago, I was in the middle of a painful divorce, sad, feeling like my self esteem was non-existent. I was at a local thrift shop, dropping off some outgrown clothes of my son's. The women behind the desk were unpacking a large bag of donations to the shop and somehow, this coat was amongst them. I didn't pay much attention and on my way out, an elderly woman ran up to me with the coat and insisted I try it on. I didn't think it would fit but she insisted, so I slipped it on. It's as if the coat was made just for me. The other women in the shop surrounded me, ooohing and ahhing and telling me how great I looked in it. I almost burst into tears but managed to buy the coat and leave. I took it to my friend, Susan, to show her. We had no idea where it may have been made but her computer was on and she did a search for the name on the necktag. And there was my new (ish)coat !!!At a price I would never have been able to afford.

So there you have it, the truth and nothing but. No matter when or where I wear that coat, someone stops to admire it and I feel beautiful and special in it. I know it's just a coat, but there's something about it that is more than a coat, if that makes sense! I truly feel that if there are angels, one of them that really loves me brought me that gift 3 years ago when I most needed it...

Keep up the good work,
Gina A.

A woman was walking down a Burlington, Vermont street, wearing her Coloratura coat when another woman appeared wearing the same coat! They stopped and chatted, enjoying the coincidence. A week later she was in New York and a young woman came running up to her and said that her mother had the same coat. It was the same woman she had just met in Vermont!

A woman received a new coat and set the unopened box on her electric stove. It left an interesting spiral pattern and was one of the few repair jobs we couldn’t fix.

Because she was terrified that it would get lost in the mail a customer drove 6 hours from Connecticut to our studio to hand deliver her 10 year old coat for some restoration work. She came in cradling her coat in her arms like a baby and said, I can’t live without this coat, you understand don’t you?”

We used to have a customer whose dog would chew her cape. Every year she would send it back for some patch work repair. It got to the point that there was almost more patch than there was original cape.

Shortly after the Coloratura d’ears earmuffs first appeared in New York City stores, three of us walked into the cold, deserted, late Sunday night streets of Greenwich Village after hours of eating and earmuff talk. Three people suddenly appeared, walking toward us out of the dark, a tall blonde Scandinavian woman in the center, who miraculously was wearing a bright pink velvet pair of our earmuffs. We thought we were dreaming. Our first sighting! We lost control and ran toward the trio shouting “those are our earmuffs, those are our earmuffs!” Barely understanding our hysterical shrieks, the threesome recoiled and prepared for a fight or flight, thinking we were accusing them of stealing our earmuffs. Through all the excitement and laughter we managed to explain that we made the earmuffs, offering a business card before they ran off into the night.

One of the first earmuff pushcart sales was a red velour pair to a European tourist who placed them on her pet bulldog’s head as they strolled away.

The February, 1999 Playboy centerfold model posed wearing a pair of our plaid earmuffs.

A couple from Scotland was on a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado and the woman saw a Coloratura coat in a shop. She loved it but didn’t buy it. Upon returning home to Glasgow she became obsessed thinking about it but could not recall the name of the store. Her husband made a return trip just to buy the coat. Happily owning her favorite coat she walked into a Glasgow shop one day only to find the exact same coat for sale. At the time it was the only place in the world outside the United States where Coloratura coats could be found.

An airline pilot left his controls in flight to see one that a passenger was wearing.

Married or buried:
An 85 year old woman requested to be buried in her coat in case she died before the coat was finished.

A woman got married in her Coloratura coat. It was later stolen and we reconstructed the one of a kind coat from wedding photos.

A limousine stopped traffic in midtown Manhattan to inquire about one.

Another NYC woman receives offers from strangers to buy her coat for cash right on the street.

Many women have purchased coats after having recurring dreams about them.

Twin sisters, living in different states, without each others knowledge, each bought the same coat. We have two different reports of this, from two different sets of twins.

Several women have inherited coats.

A woman skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado spent all her vacation money on a new coat and then had to read in her room all week because she could no longer afford lift tickets.

A friendship began when two strangers stopped to talk because they were wearing Coloratura coats.

Some husbands actually encourage their wives to buy them. Some husbands secretly buy coats for their wife.

Several women collect them, owning 6 or more, and never go out without wearing one.

An interior designer designed a room around a jacket hung like a kimono in a wall display case.

Many women wear their coat for ten years or more and return them to us for periodic restoration.

A friend visiting Vail, Colorado once reported that the streets looked like a Coloratura fashion show.