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“I love my Coloratura coat - almost as much as I love my husband and children.”

“Yesterday, when I came home, my goodness, there was my green coat. I cannot tell you, it looks like a new coat, I felt like that woman from Connecticut when I lifted it out of the box, you know. It’s back, it’s my baby and oh, I missed you. Then I had to pat my other purple coat and say I love you, too. So, anyway, I just wanted to thank you much. It’s just gorgeous, and I love that coat, I’m just so attached to it. So I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it.” Hannah M.

“Coming out of the Metropolitan Opera, a gentleman approached me and said, ‘I hated the opera but I love your coat!’”

“I worry that something is wrong if I don’t get three compliments every time I wear my coat.”

“Your coat changed my life.”

“I love to wear my Daydream Coat whenever I can. I’ll even throw it on over my pajamas for an early morning trip to the convenience store.”

“I saw some of your wool capes in the Eagle store in West Yellowstone - they are gorgeous!”

“Seems funny to be thinking of coats in the heat of summer, but I am.”

“The beautiful coat arrived with yesterday's mail. It is gorgeous! It fits like a dream- like it was made for me (and so it was)! I love it. Thank you for being so wonderful. It's just gorgeous. I put it right on and went up to my husband to tell him he owed me a dinner- that the first opportunity I have to wear the coat, we're going out to celebrate!”

Many thank yous and hugs,
Carol C.

“Rarely have I felt such lust for clothing! The CD arrived yesterday and I have just finished looking through the designs. Thank you for sending the CD to me - when the lottery ticket comes through or an unknown rich uncle dies I will call you immediately. Actually I will start saving my pennies and look forward to the day I can place an order.”

“I just feel so good every time I wear my coat. It’s therapeutic. Everyone smiles at me and it just makes me feel so good. I always look forward to fall when I can get it out of storage.”

“I feel like an instant celebrity in my Coloratura coat. I am constantly stopped everywhere I go, every time I wear it. I meet the most interesting people.”

“I received my most beautiful coat today...It is even more lovely than I remembered. Thank you so very much!!”
Sue C.

“I just wanted to let you know that I purchased one of your coats at the Fashion and Boutique Show in New York and it must be almost 18 years ago and it is still going strong and in fact no matter where I wear it people call out to me to say how much they admire it. I wondered where you exhibited now or if you had a catalog. I really do not need another coat but it’s more a case of I WANT another one. The one I have is black with cerise, turquoise and gold on it and it even got comments when we lived in Paris for 4 years. Today people called out from across the street to tell me how much they loved it and so as I am an extrovert I would love another one. Could you please send me info as to designs and styles you now carry and if you exhibit in Chicago at all as I am off to the Mart on Tuesday? Looking forward to hearing from you."
Christine M.