"I love my Coloratura jacket almost
as much as I love my husband and children!"

"Wearing my Coloratura coat is one
of the great joys of my life!"
     Thank you for visiting the Coloratura website presenting our collection of some of the most beautiful and creative wool outerwear available anywhere.

     We are confident you will find the perfect Coloratura design that best complements your individual style and unique persona and will brighten all your falls and winters with timeless style, comfort and joy!
     Our catalog will be periodically updated with both new work and closeouts so be sure to check back if you don’t find something the first time.

     After browsing the Catalog, please take a few moments to read some of our customer comments and experiences from our Customer Page and see why people are so passionate about our coats. We welcome your comments and especially your own coat encounter anecdotes. Please send a photo of yourself wearing your coat if you would like to have it posted on our Customer Page.
Do you have a Coloratura coat or jacket that is ready for some restoration?  Need a new lining, cuffs, or snaps?